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2023 special

premier festival des arts Agly-Fenouillèdes

During summer, from july 16th untill september 15th 2023, Mich Verbelen organises together with Philippe Roitg, and 19 other artists, the first festival of arts Agly-Fenouillèdes.

Place to be is the beautiful village of Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet in the french "Pyrenées Orientales". The Chapitre is a 12th century monastery-church in the center of this medieval town, and it seves as location for the art festival. If you are in the South of France in summer, this exhibition is really an indispensable milestone. Visit us  at

Gorti Art huile sur toile 02
06 - Autoportrait - 2020 - Gravure sur miroir - 50x50cm
LauraTortosa_Recolte III Ruinas
Gorti Art huile sur toile 07
D.Chouaba HST 80x80cm le château de Puilaurens
Mehdi Sioud portrait
D.Chouaba HST 80x80cm Paysage le matin
LauraTortosa_Recolte I Sin vida
Mehdi Sioud Lamanère - 2020 - Gravure sur miroir - 50x50