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Amandine Jordaens

Her oilpaintings classify under impressionism, expressionism or even abstract art. Amandine is passionate about the Antwerp harbour, in all its aspects.

She applies mysterious colours to amplify the warmth of a sunset or sunrise.

Aquarelles and sketches are made on the spot, and serve as an endorsement for the oilpaintings that will be created in her studio.

Mich Verbelen

Mich Verbelen is a professional photographer since 1990. His action scene was publicitary photography.

Mich grew to be a universal artist, not only making photographs, but also creating sculptures and performing music.For this exposition he created an artistic portfolio, in which he shows the diversity of his work, sharing his audience a unique and exclusive view into his recent photographic artwork, and some terra-cotta sculptures.

Either Mich is looking for metaphors of life, and he creates an intimate world in which only the most initiated spectators have acces, or he wil show his public obstinate small windows on the world. In these windows we see the world, as seen by the artist, and accompanied bij a simple line of text. 

The inscription is often sarcastic, but always refreshing, and almost poetic.

la vita
abstraction 5 rétroviseur voor IG
déshabillage 02
femme humiliée 2
l'agitation de loic
l'erection de pierre
stavros' regrets
la femme fanée
Angelas decision
la recherche de Robert
Lucys' thought
les souvenirs de demain
la demoiselle d'Avignon 01
joão's worries
Lediyas' explanation
giaccomo's reflections small kopie
etisch reveil small kopie
la féminité déracinée 01klein
la féminité déracinée 008
portrait inachevé 01
portrait inachevé 005
la taille presque parfaite 001
tristeza 003
résurrection intimiste
Oh shit not again
Beshadu's dispute
les doutes de jean
Antarctica_2 kopie 3 klein
MIG 15 Aerosan klein
collage klein
JB art_LQ-48 klein

Jack Berben

Jack Berben (°1968) is passionate in creating bronze and metal statues. He is influenced by very different inputs and explores possibilities and limits of materials.

Stretched athletes and dancers, the frozen energetic poses, gracefulness and joy are his signature. 

It is as if every piece has its own life, its balance and thoughts, desires and determination to live the next moment.