This splendid exhibition allows the spectator the unique opportunity of viewing the work of 3 different artists, each one displaying different techniques, and personal style-features.

In the sparkling arty neighbourhood of Antwerpen-Zuid you can enjoy the work of 2 generations of artists, who have been passionate about art for years. It is this passion that makes this exhibition so special.

For both the artists and myself, it remains a hobby on top of our professional activities.


In addition to the fact that the 3 are great artists, they are all 3 also fantastic people to work with!


It is therefore a great honor to be the curator of this exhibition.


Kurt Bomhals

curator and organiser of this art exhibition.


Amandine is an Antwerp based expressionist painter, although this label does not entirely suffice. She has her proper style to express her deepest feelings about the Antwerp port, and the mysterious way the sunlight engages on the industrial landscapes. push the button to see what her work reveals...

Amandine Jordaens

Mich is an all-round artist, but with this exposition he wants to reveal his recent photographic work to his audience. Mich is an observer, who meticulously registrates the reality and reproduces a slightly coloured vision. Besides his monumental triptichs, Mich encourages his spectators to rest in front of the tiny canvasses and makes them observe closely...

Mich Verbelen

Jack Berben (°1968) is passionate in creating bronze and metal statues. He is influenced by very different inputs and explores possibilities and limits of materials.

Stretched athletes and dancers, the frozen energetic poses, gracefulness and joy are his signature. 

It is as if every piece has its own life, its balance and thoughts, desires and determination to live the next moment.

Jack Berben